Adjust Servings:
500 g Raspberries
500 ml Double Cream
50 g Honey
50 ml Whisky
1 tea cup Oats
1 tbs Caster Sugar



Cranachan is a traditional Scottish dessert made from raspberries, cream and oatmeal with the addition of whiskey and honey.

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  • Serves 4
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Cranachan is a traditional Scottish dessert made of raspberries, cream and oatmeal with the addition of whiskey and honey.

The word Cranachan comes from the Gaelic word, meaning “churn”. In some parts of Scotland, it is known as the cream crowdie.

As a dessert, it is very popular today, and can often be found on menus in restaurants across Scotland. It is also, an integral part of the dinner which is served at the Burns Supper.

However, its origin is somewhat modest. In the first records, cranachan appeared as a meal in the celebrations of the harvest.

Crowdie – a traditional Scottish cheese was used as a basis. Since the season of raspberries starts in June, they were added to the traditional crowdie breakfast. Double cream comes later, and somewhere fresh cheese is added today.

In these recipes, it wasn’t as rich, and it was served without whiskey, and raspberries were just an option.

Although raspberries are traditionally an integral part of cranachan, it is possible to find versions with other fruits. It is not unusual to see cranachan with orange, chocolate or even rum.

Cranachan is usually served in tall glasses, but the traditional way to serve it was a little different. On the table was placed each ingredient individually, and everybody could compile their own dessert to taste.



Heat the pan at high temperature, and toast oats for a few minutes until they start to change colour. When toasted put it aside to cool.


Whisk the double cream and during the process add whiskey and honey. Whisk until a solid mixture is obtained.


In a new bowl, crush the raspberries until you get a puree with larger pieces of fruit. If you want a little sweeter taste, you can add the caster sugar.


Take a tall glass and layer the ingredients. First, put raspberries, then cream, and toasted oats. Process as many times as you wish, creating the look you desire. Be sure to place the oats on top.


Put in refrigerator and serve cold.

Ivan Majhen

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